Pete Sais

Plant Medicine Miracles: Stories of Profound Healing

Pete Sais, ‘CBD Pete’ is the Founder of California Botanicals Direct Corp,

A Hemp conduit, with only quality organic Hemp CBD products, Now Shipping NATIONWIDE

Description: Many believe that a potent method of healing was given in the bible using Plant Medicine and other powerful healing herbs. ‘CBD’ Pete has used this formula (found in Exodus 30) called the”Holy Anointing Oil” to assist people with various ailments. So far, 61 people credit Pete with their cancer remission. He’ll discuss healing with plant medicine with several blends of Cannabis, Hemp CBD, and Diet. He’ll tell the story of how he healed using plant medicine and how he’s used it to help so many others.

Pete was featured in the Amazon Prime Documentary Cancer vs. Cannabis.
See Documentary Here:

He has been helping people with Cannabis Oil and CBD for over 10 years.