Brad Bartlett, JD

Brad Bartlett, JD has enjoyed a long, successful career as a litigator, legal and policy advisor, and professor and lecturer at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Brad has over two decades of experience working in the areas of environmental and American Indian law, and currently enjoys a sizable legal practice in the medical, cannabis and psychedelic legal arenas. In the psychedelic arena, Brad represents the Netflix film production team adapting Michael Pollan’s bestseller How to Change Your Mind as well as numerous doctors, therapists and clinics developing cutting edge ketamine and cannabis assisted therapies — including the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute, The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, and Reconscious Medical.  In the cannabis arena, Brad previously served as senior counsel at a prominent cannabis business law firm in Denver, Colorado that pioneered legal strategies for the industry. Brad currently works on a full suite of cannabis business and regulatory matters including federal (e.g. FDA and DEA) licensing, as well as conducting federal court litigation related to this emerging, and ever changing, area of law and policy.